Bio Gas Compressor

Bio Gas Compressor Manufacturer

The Bio gas Compressor manufacturer is designed for eco-friendly efficiency and provides reliable performance while processing biogas. This system is essential for converting biogas to biomethane while also maintaining adequate pressure for storage or grid injection. Because of its superior technology, it is reliable and long-lasting, making it perfect for large-scale biogas operations.


Small Bio Gas Compressor

The Small Bio Gas Compressor is a flexible and compact solution for small-scale biogas applications. This technology compresses and filters biogas for a variety of applications, including local energy generation. It is ideal for community projects or small farms because of its low energy consumption and simple maintenance needs.

Small Biogas Compressor

Horse Power (HP) 5 HP
Accessories Filter
Compressor Technology Reciprocating
Discharge Pressure (in bar) 250
Power Source AC Three Phase
Number of Compression Stages Four Stage

Methane Gas Compressor

The Methane Gas Compressor is designed for high-efficiency methane gas compression. This compressor is primarily used in natural gas processing and biogas upgrading, and it has excellent sealing and cooling systems that ensure safe and uninterrupted operation. It considerably increases the energy value of methane, making it ideal for large-scale industrial applications.

Methane Gas Compressor

Rental Required No
Installation/After Sales Service Required Yes
Discharge Pressure (in bar) RP80/40
Body Material 200
Compressor Technology Reciprocating
Automation Grade Automatic
Power Source AC Three Phase
Number of Compression Stages Up to five stage
Brand Ashoka
Maximum Flow Rate (in cfm) 51 – 120 cfm, 501 – 1000 cfm
Volume Range 700 cubic meter/hour or above