Reciprocating Pump Manufacturers

Reciprocating Pump Manufacturers

Reciprocating Pump Manufacturers

Max Flow Rate 3000 lit/hr
Brand Ashoka
Model RP80/40
Body Material Stainless Steel
Fuel Type Electricity
Motor Phase Three Phase
Finishing Paint Coated
Design Type Reciprocating
Pressure (Bar) 100
Price 13 Lakh Per Piece

Exploring the Excellence of Reciprocating Pump Manufacturers in India

Explore a wide range of reciprocating pumps from top manufacturers in India. Trust our expertise for efficient and durable pumping solutions. Ashoka Compressor is one of the Best manufacturers, suppliers, exporter of various cryogenic pumps  products in Noida, Delhi, Faridabad and all over the India. Reciprocating pumps are a fundamental type of positive displacement pump, meaning they trap a specific volume of fluid and then physically move it through a system. They are known for their ability to handle high pressures and are commonly used in applications requiring precise flow control. Here’s a deeper dive into reciprocating pumps:

How they work:

Components: The core components include a cylinder with a piston (or plunger) and one-way valves (suction and discharge).

Reciprocating motion: The piston or plunger moves back and forth within the cylinder, creating a suction effect on one end as it withdraws. This draws fluid into the cylinder chamber through the open suction valve.

Pressure generation: As the piston or plunger moves in the opposite direction, it compresses the trapped fluid. This pressure forces the discharge valve to open, allowing the fluid to flow out of the pump.

Single-acting vs. double-acting: Reciprocating pumps can be either single-acting or double-acting. In single-acting pumps, only one side of the piston or plunger displaces fluid, while the other side acts as a seal. Double-acting pumps utilize both sides of the piston or plunger to move fluid on both strokes, resulting in higher flow rates.

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