Liquid Carbon Dioxide Pump

Everything You Need to Know About Liquid Carbon Dioxide Pump in India

This Liquid Carbon Dioxide Pump is developed to meet the particular problems of transferring liquid CO2. It is engineered for great efficiency and dependability. Ashoka Compressor is one of the leading manufacturer, supplier, exporter of Liquid carbon dioxide pump manufacturer in India. Liquid carbon dioxide pump are specially designed for handling the unique challenges of transferring liquified CO2.Enhance your industrial processes in Noida, Delhi NCR, Faridabad, Gurugram with our cutting-edge liquid carbon dioxide pump. Find the perfect solution for your needs on our website.

Liquid CO2 Pumps

Our liquid CO2 pumps are ideal for sectors that require accurate carbon dioxide handling. These pumps are built to withstand fluctuating pressures and temperatures, ensuring constant performance. They provide adaptability and endurance as a vital component in systems ranging from fire suppression to increased oil recovery.

Liquid CO2 Pumps

Brand Ashoka
Model LCO2-600
Body Material Stainless Steel
Finishing Paint Coated
Fuel Type Electricity
Motor Phase Three Phase
Design Type Reciprocating
Pressure (Bar) 80 Kg
Warranty 1 year
Capacity Up to 1000 kg/hr