Industrial Air Compressor

Exploring the Market of Industrial Air Compressor Manufacturers in India

Industrial air compressors are powerful machines that use electricity or diesel fuel to compress air to a high pressure. This compressed air is then used to power a wide variety of pneumatic tools and machinery in factories, construction sites, and other industrial settings. We at Ashoka Compressor Pumps is one of the Best manufacturers, suppler, exporter of Industrial air compressor in India and around the Globe.

There are mainly 4 types of Air compressor for Industrial Facilities

Axial Flow Compressors

Centrifugal Compressors

Reciprocating Compressors

Rotary Compressors

Industrial air compressors use various methods to achieve the same goal: compressing air to store potential energy. Two main working principles are employed: positive displacement and dynamic displacement.

Positive Displacement Compressors

These kinds of compressor mainly used to increase pressure by doing physically shrink. Imagine squeezing a balloon shut – that’s the basic principle. The most common type of positive displacement compressor is the:

Reciprocating Compressor: The piston action sucks in air, then compresses it as it retracts. One-way valves control airflow in and out. These compressors can be single-stage (for lower pressure) or multi-stage (for higher pressure) where the air is compressed progressively.

Dynamic Displacement Compressors: These compressors use the principles of fluid dynamics to increase air pressure. They continuously accelerate air, converting that kinetic energy into pressure gain. Here’s a common example.

Rotary Screw Compressor: This design uses two intermeshing screws that trap air between their lobes. As the screws rotate, the air gets pushed along a narrowing chamber, continuously compressing it. Oil-injection is common in these compressors to cool down the air during compression and lubricate the screws.
Additional Points:

Heat Generation: Compression generates heat, reducing efficiency. Industrial compressors use various cooling mechanisms to manage this, like intercoolers (between stages) or aftercoolers (at the discharge).
Storage: Compressed air is often stored in large tanks to provide a constant pressure source and smoothen pressure fluctuations.


Automatic Gas Compressors

Our automatic gas compressors can help you streamline your operations. These modern machines are ideal for the energy, chemical, and processing sectors, providing seamless automation for maximum efficiency. They offer exact gas compression, decreased energy usage, and low maintenance requirements with their innovative control systems. We at Ashoka Compressor is one of the Leading manufacturer, supplier of various Industrial Air Compressor.

Automatic Gas Compressors

Power Source AC Three Phase
Automation Grade Automatic
Frequency 50 Hz
Capacity 20 to 200 m3 or as per requirement
Pressure Up to 200 bar
Ashoka CNG Compressor

The Ashoka CNG Compressor is a technological milestone in green fuel technology. This compressor is specifically developed for CNG (compressed natural gas) stations and combines excellent efficiency with strong performance. It’s great for gasoline stations since it ensures speedy and dependable refueling while also focusing on environmental responsibility.

Ashoka CNG Compressor

Discharge Pressure (in bar) 250
Accessories Filter
Compressor Technology Reciprocating
Power Source AC Three Phase
Number of Compression Stages Four Stage
Brand Ashoka
Horse Power (HP) 5 HP
Air cooled compressor for oxygen and other gases

Air cooled compressor for oxygen and other gases

Air cooled compressor for oxygen and other gases

Compressor Brand ASHOKA
Motor Power More Than 10 HP
Compressor Technology Reciprocating
Maximum Flow Rate 10 CFM
Number Of Compression Stages Three Stage
Pressure More Than 12 Bar
Inlet-Outlet Pressure 4 BAR AND 150 BAR