Cryogenic Liquid Oxygen Pump

Cryogenic Liquid Oxygen Pump

Cryogenic Liquid Oxygen Pump

Pump Fuel Gasoline
Power source Electric
Application Cryogenic
Theory Reciprocating
Structure Piston Pump
Price 3 Lac Per Piece

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Cryogenic Liquid Oxygen Pump from India

Cryogenic Liquid oxygen Pump plays a crucial role in various sectors, including

  • Aerospace: As an oxidizer in rocket propellants.
  • Medical field: For respiratory therapy and cryosurgery.
  • Industrial applications: In steelmaking, electronics manufacturing, and waste treatment.

To manage and utilize cryogenic pump effectively, specialized pumps are essential. These pumps operate in extreme cold conditions, typically below -183°C (-297°F), requiring specific design considerations and materials to ensure safe and efficient operation. Get access to top-notch cryogenic liquid oxygen pump suppliers in Noida, Delhi, Faridabad through our website. Find the perfect solution for your industrial requirements with our extensive range of products and services

Types of Liquid Oxygen Pump

  • Reciprocating pumps: These pumps use a piston or plunger to move Liquid oxygen pump within a cylinder. They are well-suited for high-pressure applications, such as filling LOX cylinders or feeding rocket engines. However, they can generate pulsating flow and require more maintenance compared to other types.
  • Centrifugal pumps: These pumps utilize a rotating impeller to transfer LOX. They offer a smoother flow and higher flow rates but may not be suitable for extremely high-pressure applications.
  • Cryogenic Pumps: These are highly specialized pumps used mainly in the aerospace industry and research facilities. They combine components like turbines and pumps to achieve very high flow rates and pressures.

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